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VIP Room

The VIP room is a new creation at Brantridge school to reward the boys who have had a perfect day. Access to the VIP room is granted for Gold’s in every lesson, break and lunch session. The room was designed by the Neptune class group in a Grand Designs week and they were given budget a to complete the room. The boys choose to include the items listed below so there would be a variety of exciting and relaxing options if you manage to hit the entry criteria of the Perfect day

Key features of VIP room:pupils playing xbox in VIP Room

  • PS4
  • Xbox 1
  • Games Library
  • Gaming Chairs
  • Kindle readers
  • Huge Bean Bags
  • Board games
  • Self Service counter to include theme days

Counter service includes:counter service in VIP Room

  • Fresh Fruit Slushies – Monday
  • Popcorn – Tuesday
  • Milkshakes – Wednesday
  • Chocolate Fountain & Fresh Fruit – Thursday

Entry Criteria:

  • 5 Gold’s by Lunch allows access at Lunchtime following dinner
  • 10 Gold’s  - The perfect day  allows After school access

 Watch this space for new additions to the VIP room as we are always looking the improve this facility!!