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School Day

On Mondays, resident and day pupils arrive at 8.30am. Breakfast is available if they wish. Children then assemble in the dining room, where education staff will meet them from 8.45am. The first lesson begins at 9.00am

Day pupils arrive at school from 8.30am Monday - Friday.

On Fridays, boys leave school at 12.30 for the journey home.

School Day Timetable

7.30 Rise

8.30 Day pupils arrive

8.15-8.45am  Breakfast

8.45 Briefing from Headteacher

9.00 Lesson 1

9.45 Lesson 2

10.35 Morning Break

10.50 Lesson 3

11.40 Lesson 4

12.25 Lunch

13.00 Lunch Break

13.20 Lesson 5

14.15 Afternoon Break

14.30 Lesson 6

15.30 End of school day, handover to house groups; after school activities

16.15  Day pupils depart /Residential pupils return to House Group

17.00  Tea for Residential pupils on house groups

17.30 Evening Activity Groups

19.30 -20.30 Showers and supper/bedtime routines begin

Bed times are Age  and behaviour related