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Pupil Voice - My Time at Brantridge

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“My parents asked me to tell them the best thing about Brantridge and all I can say is this; the teachers are really nice and caring. They make the lessons so much fun that you learn a lot and you want to be there. The classes are not crowded so learning is so much easier.”

“I stay at Brantridge on the Milky Way house group. I share my room with Holly my toy dog. I like my Simpsons bed covers and I like the food they do here. I like going shopping with Donna and Holly my dog. I also like buying books like GooseBumps to read at night. I also enjoy playing Bingo and winning prizes. I also like being helpful and counting the raffle tickets.”

“In 2014 I started at Brantridge School and it changed my life completely. The school helps me to think positively and given me a good education. I have changed classes, teachers and mates. This will be the hardest year of my life because I’m going to live in a different country. I’m definitely going to miss Brantridge School.”

“I think school is good. I moved to a new class and I am enjoying the outdoor learning. I’m looking forward to the Junior Football Tournament and hope we win the trophy again."

“At my old school I had so many difficult situations that I left.  Brantridge helped to be at a more positive state of mind and did not mind if I had a rough start of education. By not giving up when they were trying to help me, it has made me grow in confidence.  My class is mostly positive and very kind and also very caring towards me and others. We have so many laughs that I like it here. This school year has been running around classes until I found the class I am in now, thanks to the Headteacher.  In our learning environment we help the teachers with the displays so that we make the classroom our own and have a say in what things go in and where they go. In PE we get to do awesome trips out like swimming and climbing. In after-school activities we are given the chance to do archery, cook, play football, and many other exciting things. My favourite thing about the school is the amazing opportunities I have been given."