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Activities - Lunch/After School & Residential

Pupil fishingPupils can enjoy a range of lunchtime and after-school activities, all of which contribute to our Waking Day Curriculum and are dependent on the grades the boys achieved throughout the morning and afternoon sessions including all breaks and lunches. Boys who have been awarded Red or Amber grades have to catch up on work before accessing activities.

Individual pupils are encouraged to join in activities to support their individual needs and build their self-confidence and resilience. Parents and pupils are informed of the after-school activity programme and are encouraged to sign up for activities that interest them but will also help develop their social development.


Lunchtime & After School Activities

Pupil representatives put forward ideas for new activities via the Student Voice.Recent suggestions that have already been put into action at Lunch and Afterschool  include:Pupil on scooter

  • Archery
  • Adventure Playground & Swings
  • Reading
  • Football
  • Climbing Wall
  • Giant Sand pit
  • Educational Minecraft
  • Cooking
  • Nerf
  • Scooters, Bikes and Go-karts.
  • The VIP Room – Includes PS4/XBOX 1 plus Games Library, Gaming Chairs, Counter service Popcorn/Chocolate Fountain & Fruit /Milkshakes & Slushies Once a week (Gold’s  needed in Every Session for access at Lunch and After School)

Residential Activities

The school has lounges for residential pupils to use for socialising and engaging with interactive activities. These activities allow pupils  to socialise in a different context to the normal school day.

Activities within the community are encouraged and supported in Residential such as Swimming, Judo, Smart club, Adventure playground, Shopping and Climbing at K2. Activities also change throughout the year. In the summer months for example, pupils can make the most of the longer evenings with Fishing, Scootering,  Cycling, Archery and even trips to the Beach at Brighton .