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Roll of Honour

We celebrate pupils' successes each week at Brantridge. The Roll of Honour is shared with parents, carers and our school community in our weekly Bulletin.  

Pupils are given a grade for every lesson throughout the day, to closley monitor their engagement. Pupils are awarded a Gold for full engagement, great progress and fantastic interraction with staff. The pupil with the most Golds in each class is named the King of the Golds at the end of the week. In addition, Class Teachers award a Star of the Week to a pupil in their class who has had a particularly strong week. Star of the Week takes into account behaviour and progress but also pupils' enthusiasm and general approach to school that week.

Roll of Honour

There are also individual certificates awarded each week, for excellent engagement in particular areas of school life. Some are awarded every week, such as Sportsman and Headteacher's Choice. Others are awarded for specific school activities or to reflect national events, such as Orienteering or Olympic Values.

sample certificate - orienteering sample certificate - resilience
sample certificate - citizen sample certificate - olympics
sample certificate - residential sample certificate - housekeeping
sample certificate - sportsman sample certificate - attendance