Under Cover

Residential Family Support

Each child has an allocated Keyworker who is responsible for supporting them to achieve their personal development targets. The keyworker makes contact with the family at least once a week to update them and discuss any questions or concerns.  

We strive to maintain and improve positive engagement with all families. Parents and carers recieve daily texts if boys are awarded Golds all day, or if their are recognised as Staff Choice. Every member oif staff nominates one pupil each day for their positive efforts or hard work.

Parents and carers also receive weeky engagement resports, which breakdown all the negative and positive grades achieved throughout the week. The report's main aim is to highlight the achievement and positivity of the week. However, it will also highlight any negative behaviours, including an Red or Amber lesson grades and any serious incidents or physical interventions. The report always explains theses and provides the reasons attributed to any incident.

The cooperation and support of parents and carers is hugely appreciated. Any feedback is always gratefully received. All communication should be two-way to ensure it supports the needs of the boys at school and at home.