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Playmaker Award

Playmaker Award logoThe Playmaker Award aims to give pupils the skills and knowledge to be able to assist in leading their own games and activities in school, at break times or lunchtimes, as part after school clubs or even at home. The Playmaker Award is a great introduction into leadership for pupils or students aged nine and over.

The award is designed for use in variety of education settings  and focuses on developing pupils' leadership skills. Pupils will develop their skills to set up simple games and/or activities and grow in confidence when assisting in leading small group of peers or younger children under direct supervision.

For boys who enjoy the Playmaker Award, there are further additional awards they can pursue - such as the Junior Sports Leaders Award, for the older boys in Year 8.

More information about the Playmaker Award can be found on the Sports Leaders UK website or you can download the Playmaker Award Brochure.