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Enterprise is an exciting new development at Brantridge and includes elements of maths, art and design, DT and business. These cross-curricular activities help the pupils with their functional literacy and numeracy, whilst developing their social communication and interaction. The income is reinvested to keep the businesses running. As a bonus, the pupils also learn the value of a good work ethic, whilst earning themselves money for their community skills activities.

We have purchased a mug press with donations from various organisations and individuals including School Pod, Shelley at Hemispheres and the kind support of School Governors Nicola and David.

The School produces and sells custom-designed mugs, water bottles and money boxes in the first instance. We can transfer any image or logo onto these three products and the boys will be assisting in the production process in the curriculum and the extended day activity programme.   

If you would like to purchase an individualised product to support the school, please email the order and image via JPEG to

The School also has the ability to produce small runs of mugs if you work for a company or school and would like to offer customers or parents a tea or coffee on arrival.

Headteacher, Mr Mason  - "With the profits raised, we plan to purchase a flat bed press and will then have the ability to produce custom mobile phone and tablet covers, key rings and t-shirts."

We have also expanded our enterprise activity in to Food & Drink. Mercury Class now runs the School's first ‘Social Snack Shop’ - a coffee shop with hot drinks and healthy snacks. Pupils produce a range of vegetable wholemeal Muffins with demerara sugar and dark chocolate. Each muffin gives the learners one of their five a day, with either Carrot, Courgette, Parsnip, Beetroot or Sweet Potato. In the summer the boys harvest some of the vegetables, planted earlier in the spring, to use in their Muffin recipes.  

Enterprise is just one area of the broader Waking Day Curriculum at Brantridge.