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Policies and procedures are in place to:

  • To ensure that the safety and physical and emotional well being of the children are paramount at all times.
  • To ensure that the welfare of children is promoted and they are safeguarded and protected from abuse.
  • To ensure all staff have clear guidelines and that an appropriate response is made to any allegation or suspicion of abuse.

All schools must have a Designated Senior Person for child protection/safeguarding (DSL). The DSL takes lead responsibility for dealing with child protection issues, provides advice and support for staff, liaises with children’s social care and other agencies.

DSPs are members of the senior management/leadership to ensure smooth running of the child protection procedures and decision making.

At Brantridge School the Designated Senior Person is Robert Chowns and the Governor with responsibility for child protection is Alison Livesley.

Click here for our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy