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Rewarding Positive Engagement & Behaviour

The Brantridge Way - our expectations of all pupils in our School:

  • Be ready to learn
  • Be your best
  • Ask for help
  • Be safe
  • Right place/Right time

Rewarding positive engagement in learning and behaviours exhibited is a fundamental objective at Brantridge. A POINTS system is in place across the whole school, rewarding pupils on a lesson by lesson basis depending on the grade they achieve. In each lesson, pupils have the opportunity gain points. These points can then be spent in our online shop on a weekly basis.

The pupils have the ability to purchase lower value items or save for more expensive items over the course of the academic year. All items are picked by the boys demonstrating the Student voice in the school. Please see the Online school shop below:

Brantridge Online Shop


Each day, pupils POINTS totals relate to a grade – from Gold to Red and this is recorded on a lesson by lesson basis and includes all breaks and activities. Every pupil has the ability to gain 10 Gold Grades per day.

The moto at Brantridge is ‘Go for Gold’

Brantridge POINTS grades


Gold - Exceptional Engagement in learning  – 3 points
Silver – Good Engagement in learning  – 2 points
Green – Engaged in learning - 1 point
Amber – Not fully engaged in learning
Red – Not engaged in learning and disrupting others learning

Gold, Silver and Green are all positive grades. Amber and Red are negative and staff will work with individual pupils to address the lack of enagement and negative  behaviours and place additional support and intervention alongside the consequence for the displayed behaviour.

Across the whole school, all staff actively encourage and promote positive behaviour. We attempt to Praise the Positive at all times and Catch Them Been Good. Unconditional positive regard ensures all pupils are aware of what is expected of them and they attempt to be their best.

The POINTS system and reward schemes are visually displayed electronically  in all classrooms, which is particularly beneficial for pupils with ASD. The classroom rules are also used consistently across the school and are displayed visually in all teaching areas.

Pupils and staff all understand our school system of Rewards & incentives. Additionally, pupils are rewarded with raffle tickets for excellent engagement &  behaviour and these are entered into a prize draw each week and a larger draw at the end of each Half Term.

Each member of staff also chooses one  pupil to reward each day to commend excellent engagement, citizenship  and behaviour this also results in 2 points into their online shop account.

Residential Rewards

The evening POINTS system for residential pupils is completely separate from the school-day system. In our residential provision, pupils receive grades  for Excellent Engagement & behaviour as well as an overall points total per evening

  • Gold (10 points)
  • Silver (5 points)
  • Green (3 points)
  • Amber
  • Red

This overall points total  also reflects the pupil’s choice of activity the following evening. Pupils need to achieve 43 points or more from the previous night  to have access the offsite activity. We then run a tiered system depending on the points total and access to the activities provided by the residential staff. The activities on offer on a night by night basis are available on the website and published in the weekly bulletin with the points needed to access the activity. The moto at Brantridge is ‘Go for Gold’

All students start their POINTS system afresh each evening – so there is always the opportunity to reward positive engagement &  behaviours the next day.

The weekly Roll of Honour

We celebrate pupils' individual successes each week at Brantridge in the Friday assembly. This consists of class and whole school certificates dependent on the level of engagement and individual achievement . On a weekly basis pupil are rewarded for the following

  • King of the Gold’s
  • Star of the week
  • Top of the league 1st/2nd/3rd
  • Raffle King
  • Resilience King
  • Headteachers’s Choice
  • Sportsman of the week
  • Housekeeping Helper of the week

The Roll of Honour is shared with parents, carers and our school community in our weekly Bulletin.  Find out more about the Roll of Honour here.