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Engagement & Mood Management


It is recognised that pupils referred to Brantridge School, by definition, have Social,  Emotional and Behavioural difficulties to the extent that they are not thriving within day mainstream education provision.

Each pupil, because of the uniqueness of his personality, will react to a different degree and will require very careful and positive support based upon a thorough understanding of that individual's personality, diagnosis  and behaviour. Some of our  pupils do display extremely challenging behaviours that will manifest in aggression and violence due to their complexity of need. In many instances this is directed at those staff in whom they have developed greatest trust. A common feature of many pupils is their inability to communicate  appropriately to their peers and this may result in hostility and aggression.  Consequently, the school has to have clearly defined codes of practice in helping such pupils develop more appropriate behaviours and which assist all adults in contact with the pupil to maintain the high standards of care, education and professionalism. The emotional and physical welfare of each pupil is paramount.

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Ongoing Assessment and Targets 

At Brantridge School we aim to be proactive in relation to behaviour management. Each item of the behaviour management policy is underpinned by ongoing daily assessment of engagement and negative behavioues  displayed , weekly target setting, planning and intervention for individual pupils at the Multi Disciplanety meeting , and subsequent evaluation of the interventions introduces by Class teachers, Therapists and the Intervention & Well being Lead .

Each pupil has an Individual Care and Education Plan (ICEP) which is reviewed termly, allowing key workers and class teachers to set targets to support pupil development in social, personal and behavioural skills. These targets are discussed with pupils and they have the opportunity to be involved and sign off their ICEPs.  ICEPs are sent to parents termly for their information.

Each pupil has a weekly breakdown of engagement and all behaviours  positive and negative,  this is sent by email to parents and carers with a Class teacher Comment and targets for the following week .

Each pupil has Positive Behaviour and Support Plan (PBSP) which is written with the child and his parents/carers. They are reviewed each term or more frequently if necessary. All staff in school are made aware of any changes to the plan so that they are fully informed when a new piece of information, change in response, or successful strategy is identified.

The (PBSP) is completed and reviewed in consultation with the pupil and their family.

Therapeutic Support Services play a vital role in promoting the behaviour management systems within the school. Multi Disciplinary Team meetings for individual pupils identify specific or emerging need and agreed actions to support.