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Our aim is to give clear information to parents and to assist Local Authorities(LA) to conclude a referral of a pupil as a successful admission as speedily as possible.

Parent and Carer Enquiries

Parents or carers, who are interested in finding out more about our admisisons process, should contact the Sarah Kennedy in the first instance via or on 01428 684693 ext 222.

Local Authority Referrals

We will acknowledge every referral to us within 24 hours. If we have not received pupil referral documents within 3 working days we will actively follow up with the referring LA.

Our Admissions will be confirmed to the LA contact and to the parents or carers of the pupil being referred for admission.

We will seek further relevant detailed information to allow a judgement to be made about a match with the category of need we serve as a school.

Based upon the information provided we will assess whether the school can adequately meet the pupils needs and we will communicate our assessment to the LA Contact.  Where it appears we can meet the pupils needs and we have a vacancy we will offer the parents/carers and opportunity for their son to experience a day at the school on a planned and supportive basis.  This gives parents and pupils and insight to the offering facilities of the school. Usually, this takes the form of a two-day assessment visit. The prospective pupil will spend time in class and also meet with our Speech & Language Therapist and Occupational Therapist. The class teacher will work with the pupil across the day and our Headteacher and Head of Care may observe the pupil at breaktime and lunchtime, to see how they interract with the other pupils.

Subsequently the school Headteacher in dialogue with the pupil’s parents and the LA Contact consider an offer of a school place.

If the admission placement is agreed speedy arrangements will be made to start at the school as soon as possible.

A detailed and customised induction programme will be worked out for any new admission and an individual education and care plan developed for the pupil.

We will actively seek a full set of information about the pupils previous education attainment and achievement record and associated information so that we can properly customise his education offer as each new pupil starts a new important chapter in our school.

Fees are a matter reserved by the Charity Trust and pupils placing Local Authority.